Mumbai Emerges as a Top 10 Global Real Estate Destination

Mumbai Emerges as a Top 10 Global Real Estate Destination

In the year 2024, Mumbai emerged as a powerhouse in the global luxury real estate market, making its mark among the top 10 cities worldwide. 

According to the Knight Frank Wealth Report 2024, Mumbai has secured the 8th position in terms of price growth in luxury housing, showcasing a remarkable jump from its previous rankings. 

Following closely behind, Delhi takes the 37th spot, while Bengaluru holds the 59th position, underscoring the diverse dynamics of luxury housing across major Indian cities.

Mumbai’s Luxury Housing

The meteoric rise of Mumbai’s luxury real estate market can be attributed to several key factors. 

Firstly, the city’s status as India’s financial capital and its vibrant economic ecosystem has attracted high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) seeking prime residential properties. 

Additionally, Mumbai’s sophisticated lifestyle, cultural richness, and rich infrastructure make it a desirable destination for luxury living.

Global Recognition and Rankings

Mumbai’s impressive rise in global rankings reflects its growing dominance on the world stage. With a 10% year-on-year increase in luxury residential prices, the city has marked its position among the elite players in the market. 

This recognition not only underscores Mumbai’s attraction but also signifies its potential for lucrative real estate investments.

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Comparative Analysis: Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru

While Mumbai leads the pack in luxury housing, other Indian cities like Delhi and Bengaluru are also witnessing positive momentum in their respective markets. 

Delhi ranked 37th globally, recorded a 4.2% year-on-year increase, while Bengaluru secured the 59th position with a 2.2% growth. These cities’ improving ranks signify the broader trend of India’s emergence as a prime destination for luxury real estate investment.

A Comparative Outlook

Knight Frank’s Prime International Residential Index (PIRI) provides valuable insights into how much space $1 million can buy in different cities. 

In Mumbai, one can purchase 103 sq. mt. of prime residential real estate, showcasing a slight decline from the previous year. Delhi offers 217 sq. mt., while Bengaluru provides the most space at 377 sq. mt. for the same amount.

Outlook for 2024 and Beyond

Looking ahead, the outlook for Mumbai’s luxury real estate market remains promising. With a forecasted prime price growth of 5.5%, the city is balanced for continued expansion and investment opportunities. 

As Mumbai solidifies its position as a global hub for luxury living, it will attract determining buyers and investors looking to capitalize on its dynamic real estate landscape.


Mumbai’s rise in the global luxury real estate market is a testament to its outstanding appeal and investment potential. 

As the city continues to thrive, it offers a compelling mix of economic opportunity, cultural richness, and luxurious living spaces. 

With its newfound recognition on the world stage, Mumbai is well-positioned to shape the future of luxury housing in India.