NBCC to Build 13500 New Homes in Amrapalis Greater Noida Projects

NBCC to Build 13,500 New Homes in Amrapali’s Greater Noida Projects

NBCC, a government-owned entity, is undertaking a significant effort to address the housing crisis faced by thousands of homebuyers in Greater Noida’s Amrapali projects. 

This initiative follows a directive from the Supreme Court, emphasizing the urgent need to complete stalled projects and provide relief to affected individuals.

The plan entails the development of 13,500 new flats across five ongoing projects in Amrapali. These projects have been stagnant due to various issues, leaving many homebuyers in limbo.

To kickstart this ambitious initiative, NBCC is investing a substantial sum of Rs 10,000 crore, aiming to revitalize the housing sector and fulfill its commitment to homebuyers.

One of the critical aspects enabling this development is the approval obtained from local authorities to utilize previously unused land parcels.

This decision opens up opportunities for expansion and revitalization within existing projects, breathing new life into the stalled developments. 

With the support of the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority, NBCC can now proceed with its plans to construct these much-needed flats.

The financial projections for this initiative are promising, with NBCC estimating a revenue of Rs 15,000 crore from the sale of these flats. 

This revenue is crucial not only for covering construction costs but also for repaying bank debts and meeting statutory payments to local development authorities. 

It’s a comprehensive strategy aimed at ensuring financial stability while also fulfilling the promises made to homebuyers.

Venkataramani, the Court Receiver appointed by the Supreme Court, expressed gratitude for the Court’s unwavering support throughout this process. 

He acknowledged the immense challenge faced in navigating the complexities of the real estate sector but emphasized the importance of perseverance and innovation in finding solutions.

Venkataramani’s acknowledgment highlights the collaborative effort required from various stakeholders to overcome obstacles and achieve positive outcomes.

NBCC CMD K P Mahadevaswamy provided further insight into the practical aspects of the initiative, explaining how the unused land parcels would be utilized to develop 13,500 apartments across 80 residential towers. 

He emphasized the importance of this development in improving cash flow, enabling loan repayments, and meeting statutory obligations. 

Additionally, Mahadevaswamy outlined the timeline for the project, aiming to commence launches by the middle of the year.

In addition to the ongoing projects, NBCC is also making significant progress in completing the remaining 38,000 flats across various projects in Noida and Greater Noida. 

With 16,000 flats already completed and handed over to buyers, NBCC is on track to deliver an additional 21,000 units by December, with the remaining 1,000 units expected to be completed by March 2025. This demonstrates NBCC’s commitment to meeting its targets and delivering on its promises.

To facilitate the sale of unsold units and maximize revenue generation, NBCC has enlisted the services of real estate consultants Anarock and Star Estates.

Their expertise and market knowledge will be instrumental in attracting buyers and ensuring the successful sale of these properties. 

This collaborative approach reflects NBCC’s proactive stance in addressing challenges and finding effective solutions. 

Overall, NBCC’s efforts to develop 13,500 new flats in Amrapali projects represent a significant step towards resolving the housing crisis in Greater Noida. 

By leveraging unused land parcels and implementing innovative strategies, NBCC aims to revitalize stalled projects, fulfill its commitments to homebuyers, and contribute to the overall growth and development of the real estate sector.